Utilizing the public donations of university supporters, through Glasshouse policy Providing integrated educational, consulting, technical and managerial services to public and private institutions Commercialization of new technologies and Hi-tech products





Sharif Foundation & Partners’ Services

To Support Sharif University of Technology

International and Legal consultation

We are ready to provide consulting services to Startups and Hi-Tech firms for their international activities. Firms to be able to act in global level, must acquire the capacity of acting as an international body first. Our international experts will guide your managers and international personnel to enable them to take your firm to the desired level


Technical and managerial consultation

Sharif Foundation provides technical and managerial consulting services as an interconnected link between the technical and managerial capabilities of university professors, research institutes, graduates and peripheral institutions of the university with business enterprises and organizations and public and private institutions.


Education & Training

The Sharif Foundation, as a provider of training courses at Sharif University of Technology, provides the needs of organizations, enterprises and institutions of the country in the field of specialized and free education.


Evaluation & Rating

Evaluation & Rating


Physical and laboratory research

Sharif Foundation as a sponsor of Sharif University of Technology, uses the best technical and laboratory equipment in different fields such as microelectronics, nanotechnology, computers, telecommunications, etc…


Operation Management

In order to use all available facilities and intelligent management of operations, the Sharif Foundation has established a management operation company as its subsidiary. The subsidiary now has the responsibility of maintaining and developing the …


Discourse and Conferences

The pace of scientific and technological developments is such that scientific institutions should always focus on monitoring the future needs of the community in order to raise awareness. The Sharif Foundation is prepared to…


Commercialization of New Technologies

Among the problems faced by Knowledge based and Hi-tech companies are the business model development and the commercialization of products and services as well as their distribution in the global market.


Finance and Investment

In order to protect the assets of the Foundation and Sharif University of Technology, the Foundation’s financial and investment management team provides special financial & investment services, with the goal of optimal allocation of public donations to university and developmental projects,…


our supporters

  Dr.Abbas Mosallanejad

Abbas Mosallanejad was born in Abadan in southwestern Iran. He graduated from Mehregan primary school, and Alborz high school in Tehran. Mosallanejad has a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Master of Science in both Civil Engineering and Political Science, and a Phd in Political Science. He has worked in field of political economy (mainly in developing countries) for many years and has attained valuable experiences in this field.

       Alumni Association of Sharif University of Technology

The Alumni Association of Sharif university of Technology was founded in 1991 by the authorities of the university along with several graduates with the aim of establishing and strengthening the relationship between graduates from one side and university on the other.

Dr Ali Mohammad Saeedi

The late Dr Ali Mohammad Saeedi graduated from Stanford University in 1961 with a Phd in Petroleum Engineering and Applied. In the early years of the Islamic Revolution in 1997, he was appointed as the Head of Oil Exploration and Production. Dr Saeedi who was retired from the Oil Ministry many years ago was an international expert on oil and gas reservoir engineering and a major supporter of Sharif University of Technology.

Mr. Mohammad Karim Fazli

Mohammad Karim Fazli, the founder of Golrang Industrial Group and the superior entrepreneur of the country, was born in 1932 in Tuyserkan (Hamedan province). He started his economic activities, while he was still a student, along with his father, who was a reputable merchant and a knowledgeable man.

   Dr javad Mowafaghian

Mr.javad Mowafaghian was born in Tehran, Iran in 1927.After studying electrical engineering in Tehran, Djavad invested considerable time in a construction company that grew to become Iran’s largest general contractor. He oversaw the construction of major hospitals, factories, housing developments and roads throughout the country. Mr. Mowafaghian is known for his many charity activities in Iran. Back in 2014, he founded the Neurological Rehabilitation Technology Research Center in Sharif University which is named after him.

   Mr. Abolghasem Alaghehbandian

The late Alaghehbandian was a businessman who was active in different fields such as rugs, cement, petrochemicals, packaging industries, glass, ceramic and tiles. He had 12 registered manufacturing companies in different provinces. Alaghehbandian also had charity activities which included building schools, hospitals and libraries in Hamadan along with other provinces.