In order to use all available facilities and intelligent management of operations, the Sharif Foundation has established a management operation company as its subsidiary. The subsidiary now has the responsibility of maintaining and developing the hydro sports complex of Sharif University of Technology and is ready to use its experienced staff to meet all the needs of the operating of sports, hotel, restaurant, campus and other facilities of the university and other institutions in need.

The Sharif Foundation, with the formation of an initial core consisting of experts in the field of operational management, provides required university services in various fields.

These services include:

  • Maintaining services of facilities and buildings
  • University Printing and Publishing Services
  • Operation services of sports facilities
  • Operation services of residential and recreational facilities
  • Operation services of accommodation hostels and student dormitories
  • Providing Health and Safety (HSE) Services
  • Providing human resources supply & retention services
  • Providing catering and restaurant services
  • Providing cleaning and house cleaning services
  • Providing landscaping services, implementation and maintenance of green spaces
  • Providing of student affairs services (Student Admission and Residence as well as other student services)
  • Conducting seminars and thematic and specialized conferences
  • Other University Services Required

The foundation has the capability to develop current relevant systems and define and formulate standard operating procedures (SOPs) in various formats of the current service chain and address potential deficiencies.

Other management services include:

  • Guidance, inspection, evaluation and precision control of occupational safety and health
  • Supervision of the performance of technical officials employed in units and the use of observer engineer services within the framework of the Law on the engineering system of the country in technical and safety matters.
  • Analysis and research on the evolution of technical, credit and health affairs, as well as the collection and transfer of experiences, methods and tools in the field of technical and safety
  • Conducting research & study for policy making, optimal operation in regards to preparation, equipping and operation
  • Conducting the necessary studies in order to achieve modern trade methods. Preparation, equipment and exploitation of the industry (including Hi-tech) and transfer of knowledge as well as the provision of technical expert services
  • Analyzing the evolution of the operation and determining the bottlenecks and prioritizing them to improve productivity and increase their efficiency
  • Participation in the preparation of the necessary regulations to examine the contracts of operation with foreign countries and preparing the ground for technology transfer and use of technical-engineering services of foreign experts