The Representatives of DAAD in Iran Visited Sharif

12th June 2017: Dr. Frens Stoeckel, Director of DAAD in Tehran, gave a lecture to Sharif’s students on the opportunities provided by DAAD for Iranian students and scholars.  Afterward, Dr. Soeckel along with Mr. Maleki, Senior Advisor of DAAD Office in Iran had a meeting with Dr. Movaghar, Dean of International Affairs, Dr. Javadi Professor at Aerospace Engineering Department and Dr. Movahhedi, Vice-President for Research. During the meeting, the possible lines of cooperation between SUT and DAAD were discussed.  The parties decided to define the specific goal plan for the cooperation and hold a meeting in the near future.

The deadline for applying for DAAD scholarship for doctoral internships is August 31. Students should send the required documents to the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) for the initial evaluation and MSRT will introduce the selected students to DAAD. For more information on the DAAD scholarship programs please use this link.

It is worth mentioning that DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst), German Academic Exchange Service, is one of the biggest international institutes working on academic exchange between German universities and prestigious universities all around the world.

Ambassador of Bulgaria in Sharif

In a meeting that was held on July 9, 2017 at SUT’s presidential office, Mr. Polendakov, Ambassador of Bulgaria in Iran came to Sharif. Dr. Fotuhi, President of SUT, Dr. Movaghar, Dean of International Affairs, Dr. Massoumian, International Affairs Consultant, and Dr. Khalaj, Professor at Electrical Engineering Department, received  Mr. Polendakov.

After a brief presentation of SUT, the parties discussed the potential lines of cooperation between Sharif and Bulgaria. On behalf of Bulgarian universities, Mr. Polendakov said that these universities are more than willing to have active collaboration with Iranian universities, especially SUT which is famous as the MIT of Iran. The active collaborations of SUT with the members of the European Union, which is about 50% of collaborations in terms of MoUs, Dual Degree Program, Joint Publications, and Faculty Exchange were also discussed in the meeting. As
Dr. Fotuhi put it, the statistics show that the EU has become the most important strategic partner of SUT during the past decade or so.

It is worth mentioning that from the next January, Bulgaria will hold the presidency of the Council of the EU for 6 months. Moreover, the rector of Varna University of Management, Bulgaria visited SUT last week; a meeting which is going to be followed up in terms of signing an MoU between the universities in a near future.

Iranian prodigy and Sharif Graduate, Professor Maryam Mirzakhani passed away at 40

Maryam Mirzakahni, the first woman to win the Fields Medal in Mathematics, passed away on July 15, 2017. Mirzakhani was a graduate of SUT’s Department of Mathematics. At the time of her death, she was the professor of Mathematics at Stanford University.

In separate letters of condolence, Dr. Rouhani, President of Iran, Dr. Farhadi, Minister of Science, Higher Education, and Research, and Dr. Fotuhi, President of SUT, offered their condolences on the untimely death of Prof. Mirzakhani to her family and Iran’s academic society.

A Delegation from the Australian Embassy Visited Sharif

A delegation consisting of Mr. David Landers, Head of Europe, America, and Middle of East of the Australian Embassy, Mr. Gerard Seeber, Head of Middle East of the Australian Embassy, and Mr. Reza Gharakhan, Business Development Manager of the Australian Embassy, paid visit to Sharif on September 2, 2017. Dr. Movaghar, Dean of International Affairs, Dr. Talebian, Vice-President of SUT’s Graduate School of Management and Economics, Dr. Shahbaz, Director of International Affairs of Urmia Lake Restoration Project and Ms. Asadi played host to the Australian delegation.

During the meeting, after a brief introduction of Sharif University of Technology by Dr. Movaghar, the parties discussed the possible lines of cooperation. Dr. Movaghar pointed out the high quality of education and research in Australian universities and expressed his hope that in the future the educational and research collaborations between Sharif community and Australian universities be expanded. Afterwards, Dr. Talebian talked about the executive MBA programs run by SUT’s Graduate School of Management and Economics, and stated that SUT is keen on cooperating with Australian universities in this regard. As he put it, the Australian Embassy can facilitate these programs in terms of visa-issuance and money-transfer. Following the meeting, Dr. Shahbaz, introduced Urmia Lake Restoration Project, and current cooperation with Australia in water research, specifically, Iran-Australia Joint Water Center, established at Sharif several months ago with the cooperation of Melbourne University. Mr. Landers, too, emphasized the importance of the problem of water in the region and expressed his hope that Australia can be of great help in this collaboration because of its experience and expertise.

It is worth mentioning that SUT currently has signed MoUs with four universities in Australia, including the University of Sydney, Curtin University, Melbourne University, and Macquarie University, the last two of which are implemented in terms of establishing a joint water research center and PhD dual degree programs, respectively.